Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oooooo! Loves! and Thank you!

Thank you all for your tender remarks on my last post. Payton was born yesterday. There was a knot in his umbilical cord right next to his navel. My heart hurts for his family. Thank you all for your prayers and kindnesses in their behalf. Our hearts were further saddened by the passing of a dear neighbor in our area. She has struggled with cancer for the last 2 years, and yesterday, on her birthday she lost the battle. Once again I'm so grateful for my Testimony and knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
It's the month of "LOVE" and with that in mind I decided that this month, I would share some of my loves with you.
I'll start with my bed. The Mr. made our bed. (you are about to see a sight that not many eyes have seen....and it's plenty scary!)
This is underneath my bed. I wanted it built so I could store things under it. AND there certainly is stuff stored under it! LOL There are two cubbies on each side of the bed. I don't have a box springs, just a good mattress. It was tooooo tall as it was, even with a stool on my side, I didn't want the extra height. The bed skirt has to fit on the frame, and not the mattress itself. (poor unpainted bed)

My daughter and I started the headboard, and the Mr. was kind enough to finish it. See that door? I love old doors! I love this headboard!!! I know it's not my "usual" style, but I care not. I love this bed. We are going to be moving our bedroom upstairs when we are done with the remodel, and we are going to have to cut the headboard down. Can you believe it? It's too tall for the walls up there! #2 daughter said she would gladly take it off my hands.....
......NOT even! I know some guys who could help her build her own though.... :-)

So...What do you think of our headboard?

I fell in love with this quilt the minute I first saw it, but didn't get it for almost 2 years.

And after I got the quilt, I didn't put it on my bed right away because I didn't have a bed skirt. I looked everywhere to find one that I liked enough, and just couldn't find that elusive item.
The next best thing was to make one. One day I was in the TS, and there it was, the bed skirt of my dreams. Except it was too short for my bed. I lucked out and found another one I could live with, and sewed them together.

Here it is on the bed frame. (the unpainted bed frame) and then below, with the quilt over it. I love it!

BTW....the quilt pattern is the RED FEATHERED QUILT and is from the victorian Heart Company Inc.

What do you "LOVE" at your home?
You should share you "LOVES" with us!

Carpe diem.......Seize The Day


Julie Harward said...


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I am speechless! This is a work of beauty, that's for sure. I love everything about it...its grandeur AND the bedding. Kudos to the hubby!
I was very saddened to read about the great trials your neighbor and friends' daughter have been called on to bare this past week.
One thing is for sure, Payton's mother can always consider it a great honor to have been his mother. He was obviously an amazingly valiant spirit. They will all be in my prayers.
Mary Lou

Debbie said...

A wonderful headboard! How special that hubby made it for you! My hubby and I are playing with bed designs. I think we want to go more primitive. Pieces that you make have so much meaning for yourself and your family. The quilt and skirt are awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Janene said...

Your bedroom literally took my breath away!
That headboard is amazing...and the quilt!!!!
Where did you find that awesome quilt? I love love love it!!!
Thank you for sharing...and my heart breaks for all of the recent losses =(

Brenda said...

WOW! I LOVE your headboard! I also LOVE you Quilt! The bed ruffle is perfect! Great match! Thanks for sharing!

My heart goes out to Payton's Mother and to your neighbor's family. I lost my Mother to cancer. It's not easy. Families are Forever.
Sending blessings and hugs.

I would LOVE to share some LOVE.
Have a beautiful day!
Love, Brenda

Jessica said...

Your headboard is awesome! I love how tall it is so if I was you I might consider keeping my bedroom downstairs even after the remodel just so I didn't have to cut it down! ;) Cute comforter set as well. A perfect match! Love ya!

Beth at Aunties said...

This a is beautiful! What a work of L♥ve! I really love your headboard and am sorry it will not fit in your new place. Ypur beddings is so lovely. WOW!
I agree with Mary Lou! I too am saddened by the news and am soo sorry about your friends baby and your neighbor's death.
I too am glad we have the knowledge we do. We CAN be forever, although their arms will feel so empty right now.
My sister has buried five stillborns babies, the largestover 8 pounds. They died when they were almost full term. Her last little one was delivered the day after my dad died and was laid at the foot of my dad's casket and buried with his grandpa. It is such a heart wrenching thing to go through. My prayers are with them and you! Is your Mr conducting the funerals?
PS Keep spreading the L♥ve!

Picket said...

Hello friend! Ohhhh what a treasure you have with that custom made headboard and I LOVE that quilt!!!!!!! I am so sorry to hear about the loss of little Payton..I pray God comfort and help that family thru such a heartwrenhing time...I want to thank you so much for coming by amd for the sweet comment...I sure did enjoy my visit here...hope you have a great week! ~Picket~

Frenchy chick said...

This is so gorgeous! Love everything. WOW.

Vilate Thacker said...

hummm, what I love at our house? I will have to think awhile on that one! :)

UPON A HILL said...

The familes & neighbors are blessed to have you to speak into them comfort & words of life(eternal). I absolutely love the headboard!!!!! Beautiful & you did a fabulous job. Love the quilt too!!!!

Nifty Nappy said...

hey, back again, I left something for you on my Nifty Nappy blog! look for it in the oh my goodness--- post! :)
LOVE ya!

Mimi Sue said...

Your headboard is gorgeous! Love the storage underneath. I need storage wherever I can find it! Your quilt is beautiful too. Thank you for telling us you didn't make it. I would be jealous and it would have ruined my day;) Have a great weekend. Mimi

Mimi Sue said...

PS So blessed to know where we go after this life. Even though it will be hard for those left behind. Our prayers will be added to yours for the families. Mimi

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Mercy, I love!!!!!!! that headboard..and i love your bedding...and the bedskirt to..have a great weekend.:)

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh what a pretty bed and the bedding is wonderful!
Will say prayers for all.

Frenchy chick said...

I just tagged you come see my blog!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

OH MY GOODNESS - that bed is amazing! And the quilt is so pretty - I can see why you heart it!!

Thanks so much for your kind comments. It means a lot! Brady was indeed a Good Gift!!

Eric and Caralee said...

That quilt is beautiful, I like it to! Reading is similar to Philly I'm guessing. But we will most likely be living outside the city so it won't be as hot and crowded. Eric's program is just a year, July to July 2011.
This snow is crazy, I'm amazed I'm dealing with it this well. I haven't been out for nearly a week now, except to go outside and shovel snow. Luckily we don't live in an area that floods when it all starts to melt, it's going to be BAD!!

marie said...

Hi Mercy - I've been without the Internet (at home) for over a week. Trying to get in some visits now.
I Was so sorry to read about little Payton. His sweet family will be in my prayers. Thank you for sharing the lovely post about them.

PS. Your bed/headboard is AWESOME!

Nicole said...

It's all gorgeous. I love the headboard, the bedding, everything. You have wonderful taste. It broke my heart to read about your neighbor. I can't imagine anything harder then loosing a child!

families are forever said...

I love the quilt and the headboard! Great designs!

danette, from Kathlene's blog