Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just a Few More the Livingroom.

Hi everyone! I've been away.......... not by choice.............our PC got sick. Very sick. Nasty virus! And to top it off the DSL modem wouldn't even work .
It almost feels like my arm has been cut off! We got a new modem, but I'm having a hard time getting used to my notebook, but I' glad I have it . :-D
I missed Valentines Day, so Happy late Valentines Day! It may take me awhile to make it over to see you.

This little secretary belonged to the Mr.'s grandfather, the Swed who built our home. From him it was passed down to my FIL who gave it to the Mr. after we were married. It's all nicked up, and broken in places, and it has paint spots on it. It's very heavy, and I can't move it very easily. But I love it.

yikes, I need to move it and clean the rug under it..... This old gate used to be the front gate for the yard. I had to have it in my house. Think of how many times it was swung open allowing loved ones and friends into the yard......

Grandpa's kids used to tell stories about him stacking his Christmas presents up on this desk on Christmas day, and opening one a month until the next Christmas came around.
I love this little cubby. See the "secret drawer"? It used to hold land deeds. The cubby
holds a town painted on canvas, and the black lunch box holds match box cars.

This old Navajo wool rug was a gift from an uncle to my grandmother. I was lucky enough to inherit it. Because of it's age, I wonder if the wool was dyed with natural vegetable dyes.

Oh I love this sweet little rocking chair. The Mr.'s aunt gave this to us. It had belonged to her mother in law, whom we call "Grandma Cure". It's not a very big chair, and used to be green! A dear friend snuck it home once, and striped it off and oiled it, and gave it back to me for my birthday one year!!!! All that had work! It's a beautiful little chair. But it was not at all pretty green!
The Mr.'s chaps, saddle bags and spurs are in the background, and the little suit case next to the love seat holds Christmas stories.

This little child's chair was a gift from my aunt. Our grandsons like to cart it everywhere and sit in it. :-D It's currant residing place is to the right of Grandpa's desk, by the front door.
Just a darling little valentine "Cupid's arrow" that a sweetheart of a friend gifted me with the other day! I love it! Makes my day happier just to think of her kindness!
Well, on to a re-do....LOL This is our "harry potter bedroom", under the stairs! It's not a big room at all. In fact I'm sitting in a chair almost touching the opposite wall! Very small. There used to be a built- in- bed here under the stairs.
The room is no longer going to be a bedroom, but an office. The Mr. has been building bookcases under the stairs. I can hardly wait until they're done! So here's a question for you, if you were me, would you paint these bookcases the color of the trim, or the color of the wall? The wall color will be a lt. creamy something, and the trim may be colonial blue....?
(hows that for being specific?)

I have to show you what came to live in my bedroom for the rest of forever.......This belongs to the Mr. Hopefully it will help him rest better. Seems to be doing just that so far, except for the sore nose....As you can see, I don't have a night stand big enough for it, so it's temporally sitting on a chair by the bed.

I know this post has gone on and on and on, but I have some sneak peeks of the next love I want to post about....
didn't see the cobweb until I posted the picture....the story of my life! LOL

Hopefully I won't be as long in between posts the next time. Our snow is receding, and it has warmed up enough that Mom wants to resume our morning walks. I'm so glad.
Oh Yeah, I read a good book this week. Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech.
Enjoy your day.


Julie Harward said...

Hi there...I love the old pieces you have inherited, love things like that! The book case...I would paint or stain it the same as the wood moldings and trim in your house. Good luck with those decisions...have a good week :D

joy said...

I love your things! My darlin went on his mission near the Navajo reservation, so we love the native American peices. Thanks for the post! Love, Joy

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Hi Mercy!
WOW... ya have some gorgeous olde pieces there...lov'em!
I would paint the shelf unit the wall color so it blends into the wall...I guess it depends on whether ya want it to blend into the wall or make a statement :) If ya want to make a statement, go with the blue trim color...hehe...I am NO help at all, am I! ;)
Have a beautiful day!

Eric and Caralee said...

Hope things improve, being sick is never fun :(
I am definately a fan of painting the shelf same as the wall, I've always liked the trim to stand out..Love ya

Patch of Heaven. said...

I am so glad you are back on the web. I love all your treasures.

Parkers said...

I would stain your book shelf a dark, rich, deep color. But I have been a big fan of the "proper" library, and would LOVE to have one in my house. But if your not into that, then paint them to match your walls.

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

I love that old desk! The stories it could tell!!

Mimi Sue said...

Family treasures are my favorite thing. So much history and love goes into them. Looks like you're getting some projects done. The bookcases are going to be great. Hope all is well with you and your family. Mimi

Beth at Aunties said...

You have inherited lots of love from your family members. The old secretary is beautiful.
Oh, your new library will be beautiful! What ever you chose will such a great addition. We have a built in library at the foot of our stairs and it is painted the trim color. We love it!

Together We Save said...

I love the "old things" you have. You have put them together beautifully.

Frenchy chick said...

For the nook. You can also paint the trim gold and the back of shelves colonial blue. Anything you put there will pop. Staining is a good idea with the back blue.. White trims with back blue. You can't go wrong. It will be pretty. I love all your antiques.:)

Vilate Thacker said...

glad to see you back! :) you make me smile all the time! :)

dbirdfamily said...

Can I just tell you I love your house, You are so talented and make things look so cute. Mr was telling me how you were going to die with out the computer, so I was glad that you were able to get back up and running. Hey I have just put another post on my blog you would be proud of me one a month.....Now I just need to get the camera working so I can post some other pictures. See ya soon

GRAMS said...

I love that little red chair. Soooo cute.