Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oreo Mice...

This post is a re-post  from the 09. Just thought  agin itit would be fun to post it again. ENJOY

I had the funnest day yesterday! My daughter Kim and I got together with a bunch of friends and made valentines candy. I think I may have druuuuuuug her along, but we had a good time. We laughed a lot, made some fun creations, made some mess, ate some sandwiches, cleaned up and went home fully loaded. Loaded down with loot that is.

Here's what you need to make these fun little mice.

1 package Oreos any flavor. Ours were mostly mint.
Pkg of white and Chocolate Almond Bark
1-2 jars Maraschino Cherries with STEMS. Green or Red, doesn't matter.
Hersey's Kisses, unwrapped
Red hots or something small for eyes. (can use frosting or colored chocolate
Sliced Almonds for earsCookie sheets lined with wax paper
Melt the bark in pans in a low oven. (170-200 degrees) Watch it so it doesn't burn. Depending on how many you are making, you will not want to melt all of the bark.

Dip Oreos in the white bark, and lay them on the wax paper to set up. These will be the base for the mice.

While these are setting up, drain the cherries and dump them on a paper towel lined plate. Blot them dry. The bark will not adhere to them if they are wet with the juice.

Sorry for the blurry picture.......OK, now the fun part........... Eating all the cherries and throwing everything else away! Just kidding. I do love the cherries though........

Dip the cherries by their stems in the bark. Be sure to cover them completely. Gently shake them to get as much excess bark off as you can, then set them on the Oreo base, in the center.

Some of the stems come broken as you can see, but they work anyway. Working quickly, add a kiss for the head, and then add almonds for the ears. Try to find two almonds almost the same size for each

You need to work quickly as the bark sets up very fast. Now, the eyes. Use red hots, or what ever you choose. Just chocolate glue them in place and WA La, you have Mice! Drop each one in a cupcake paper and they are ready to go. Be sure you only single layer these as you transport them from here to there, because those little ears break

Hope this makes sense. They are pretty self explanatory.

These WERE lots of fun to make.


vilatesniftynook said...

so, I heard you did this. I am very sad that I wasn't invited... :( ...but I also understand that all my kiddos would have been in the way. I want to try it, but I have never done anything like this with chocolate. I don't know if I would dare to do it by myself. Next time you do it, call and I will see if I can just run over.

Thanks for the letter, I gotta think on it. and yes, I do know how to recover... obviously. :)

Karen said...

Hi there and thanks so much for coming and posting on my blog.....I'm glad you did because now HERE I AM ON YOURS....there are just so many of us out there and we keep finding each other!

Love your SWEETS TOUTORIAL - very easy to follow.
Question....where in the world did you find strawberries with stems. No one around me carries such great looking one.


Eric and Caralee said...

Ohhh, I can't describe how delicious those look, and cute to boot! I'm ready to get started..;)

Janene said...

Wow! All I can muster is that one word as I am dabbing the drool off my chin at the sight of all of those goodies!
I love your thrifty find...especially your wooden holder! I can see it painted one of the many prim colors and sealed with paste wax (my all time favorite items!) I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Mimi Sue said...

How fun to have a candy making day with friends. Love the little mice. I'll be making these with the grandkids soon. Love all your DI stuff. Do you have a DI close to you? Aren't you up by Roosevelt? Way out in the country somewhere. Got to get to YW. Mimi

beth at aunties said...

Your Valentine candy making party sounded fun and they turned out so yummy looking. The mice are so cute. I liked you put then on dipped oreos! Thanks for the sweet dreams...
It is time for bed....♥♥♥

Ruth said...

It looks like you had some fun. It is fun to do fun cooking projects. My next project is to make a chicken casserole. It will be fun.

Lex-a-roo said...

Wow those look sooo good.

Ginger said...

I love the little mice candies...I wrote the receipe down so I can try it the next time the grandkids are up. Thanks for sharing.
The strawberries look delicious.