Monday, November 9, 2009

May I have a nap today?

Well, I did get the Halloween decorations off of the bottom four stairs, and up into their tubs.....and I did get the Thanksgiving things out. I did move both sofa's in the living room and manage to get the floor swept. I turned the dryer on.......again......and that feels like that's about it for today. I think I have a HUGE case of the "i need a nap" sickness! LOL

I really wanted to get some faux gingerbread men made ( for Linda's recipe and a fun way to display them)

and I also wanted to get some pantry cakes made today.

However, I played with our little granddaughter for a tiny while, and our 27 month old, while his mom went to her doc apt, ( she's down to going every week now!) and I have spent some time gazing at our DIL & son's new puppies! The little mom is a dapple mini dachshund. They went out to the city this week end, and we've been caring for their little dog. Yesterday she had 6 puppies ! Honestly, I don't know how she carried all of these little babies! LOL I truly felt sorry for her!

I have enjoyed catching up on your blogs, and seeing and hearing about all the busy things you're involved in. It's getting time to get going on super, and soon it will be time to run to the school and pick up the tween from BB practice. Which leaves no time for a nap!

The happy thought in all of this.................bedtime is just around the corner!
But by that time, I will have gotten my second wind....or first as the case seems to be today, and I won't want to go to bed! LOL

Ever have a day like this?
Glad I had husband to get off to work, and a tween to get off to school AND a walking partner waiting to go on our morning walk..............or I would may never have gotten up today! lol

We are on week 5 of our

Gratitude Attitude. Thanks to each of you who are joining me in this quest to acknowledge our gratitude for the many blessing that come our way daily.
Today I'm grateful for the beautiful Indian Summer we have been having! And for the amazing sunsets we have here in the high desert country. The colors are so vibrant and brilliant! I also enjoyed our last full moon. I still am enjoying it even though it is waining . I love the harvest moon shinning down on us!

Enjoy your day!



Julie Harward said...

Oh what a darling mommie and her pups! I think you did just the right thing today...the grands come first! And we deserve a slower paced day now and then! :D

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh Mercy those puppies are so cute!

Enjoy your relaxation!

Nifty Nappy said...

how fun tht she had the pups! I hear ya on the nap thingy! I could have used one yesterday too! Oh, if you make the gingerbread men I wanna see them k?

Kindra said...

I had a day like this yesterday! I had a whole list of things to do and maybe got one thing done... LOL

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I hope the puppies are doing well. How sweet of you to Grandbaby AND Grandbaby puppies. : )

Beth at Aunties said...

I can't get the lead out. I wish had you every morning and I would be walking! How fun would that be?

Grandkids always come first in my book. They seem to be growing than our kids did! Besides that... you seemed to have got a ton done!

I am excited for your new little baby girl arriving. We can't get too many of these precious little ones, can we?
The pups are soooo cute.
I have enjoyed being part of the gratitude challenge! Thanks:)

Mimi Sue said...

I've been in California and haven't had access to a computer. Trying to catch up! Your puppies are so cute. Love the colors on the mommy. Seems to me you got a lot more stuff done today than you think. I agree with Beth, the kids come first. Ours are growing up too fast. Congrats on your baby girl. Maybe you'll have a bunch of girls now. It's fun to have cousins to play with. We usually have a breakfast casserole that I make the day before and then bake on Christmas morning while we're opening presents. It's got a bag of hash browns a dozen eggs, bacon that's been cooked and chopped, and some other stuff. Email me if you want the recipe. I like it cause all I have to do is stick it in the oven and throw together a fruit salad and warm up some muffins from the freezer. I get to enjoy the day instead of being stuck in the kitchen. Mimi