Monday, November 30, 2009


Good morning! er.........I guess it's afternoon.

I've been running around all morning like a chicken with it's head cut off. Which is pretty visual in my mind's eye as my DH just lopped off the heads of 7 roosters last wed afternoon. Now those guys are lined up in quart jars! I was busy doing Thanksgiving dinner stuffs, and he killed cleaned, plucked, and bottled all by himself! He is a VERY handy guy to have around huh! l LOL

We did go after Christmas Trees last Friday, which I think is a far more pleasant activity than Black Friday shopping! I did that.......once. That was enough.

We went west, up toward Tabby and over the Golden staircase. We took our left over pies and salads and turkey and rolls and one DD brought some hand dipped Christmas chocolates! YUMMY!

We had a fun day, got our trees and came home by way our DS's home to celebrate a 2nd year birthday of our # 5 grandson!

A Peacock has adopted us. Don't know from whence he came, but he has been here since summer. He roosts up in the trees around our house. The dogs, which are literal death on cats, leave him alone. He's pretty aggressive and has pecked them so they just give him all the space he desires! :-) I love seeing him out and about, strutting his stuff! I am going to get him a Peahen in the spring! Then he can really strut!

Sue showed us her Thanksgiving dishes, and I just felt compelled to show you mine. Truly the thought never really occurred to me until I saw her post. I love her dishes so much. Here are mine. The first ones I bought, I bought at a storage shed sale. I knew I had to have more. I have found a few server dishes on eBay, all the rest I have found at the TS. One year for Christmas DH gave me a huge box full he picked up at the TS for me. As a child, I can remember these dishes coming in the oatmeal box, and I know they came from the gas station. All as premiums for buying a certain amount of the product. The pattern is called Golden Wheat.

Here I am, jumping back to getting trees

Blurry I know...... This is coming back down the Golden Staircase

Looking south. If you were to follow the highway, you would end up in Fruitland.

This duo wanted to have a tree for their room!

MY sister calls this country where we live, "folded" land. There is so much land here, and there are mountains and plateaus and valleys and just land. Miles and miles of land without people. Land that belongs to the forest service, or BLM, or wildlife fish and game , and private farms and ranches.

Well, back to the races. The dishes are calling my name! LOL

I grateful for the chance to start a new day everyday, fresh......... just waiting to be filled to the brim! I'm grateful for the holiday that just passed, the memories from past Thanksgivings, and the memories of new ones.

Enjoy your day


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

What fun to make a day long outing like that to get trees! I wish rhere was someplace around here to do that!

Mimi Sue said...

I love your dishes too! I remember my aunt had some just like that. I hadn't thought of those in years. Do you want me to search for pieces at our DI? Let me know. If you ever see any of mine grab them and I'll be forever grateful. You do live in a place where there isn't a lot of people. I think it would be way more peaceful than here in the middle of so many. Glad you had a fun Thanksgiving and tree harvest. Mimi

Parkers said...

Folded land? Who knew? I love it there though, and would love to come live, if only.....Seeing your place settings made me so very sorry I didn't come eat to your house for thanksgiving, very beautiful indeed! LOVE YA!