Thursday, June 11, 2009

Still hanging in here.........:-)

Just a note......the cast is still on. It's coming off this Thursday morning at least that's the plan. I am missing you all still, and I find it hard to read your posts and not comment. ( I have a hard time keeping myself to myself LOL) .............................
Our trip to Ill and home was GREAT! So many things to see and do. Lots of driving. We missed tornado's in three places, one over night, and two by just hours. Thank Heavens we missed them! ........LOL We went out on I-80, and came home on I-70. We went through Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa and into Ill. Coming home we went from Ill into Iowa, where I was pulled over by a very nice policeman, for going through a yellow light........ Ummhum. Yellow. And from there we went to Missouri, and through Kansas, and then Colorado and back home to Utah. Your states are sooooo beautiful and green! We saw and felt so many things that I want to remember always. So this is a picture post today, mostly, lots going on, and time just seems to be an illusion. I've been a little under the weather, and can't seem to get a gripe on getting rid of it. Lots going on in everyones lives I think. We have had lots of rain, not a normal thing for us here in the basin, and it's nice and green! I LOVE SUMMER and the WARM!!!! We are preparing for our wedding open house and our trip to California for the wedding. Will anyone whose life is NOT full of a BIZILLION things, please raise your hand! :-).............................I thought as much! So, good luck to each of you and everything your doing. Linda, if you read this, I am thinking about you and sweet Baby Liliana, I bet you sit on the edge of your seat waiting for "another" phone call! LOL ♥

Pioneer cabin in Winter Quarters Visitors Center in Omaha Nebraska. This was home for two families. How hard that would have been!

This is the chimney,made of sod.

This is the beautiful Winter Quarters Temple. (not the best picture)

This is our group of Young Men from our church. They went to Idaho last fall, and bought potatoes and came home and sold them and earned the money to pay for their trip. They chose to go on a Church History trip.I'm so glad they did! Oh no, one's head is cut off! Sorry Pat. They were so fun to be with. They are all such good guys, and they crack me up!

We saw this as we were zooming down I-80, and I could not get close enough for you to see it very well. but it is a huge flag painted on the side of the grain silos, in Iowa I think....

The beautiful Nauvoo Temple

Looking back at the Temple from Parley Street??? Again I can't remember....

This is inside the Browning Gun shop and home, in Nauvoo Ill

I loved this little quilt. Very old.

I'm so sorry, but I didn't snap any picture of the famous Browning Guns......The guys did. They were pretty neat I admit, but so was everything else!

I have a "thing" about primitive fireplaces.......

This next fireplace is at the Scovil Bakery. I loved the Bustle ovens. (top half)

(Bottom half) The room was so small I couldn't get it all in the same picture.

Old rope bed, with a straw mattress.

Can anyone tell me what the long thing on the table is? I have not a clue.

Our guys standing outside the Nauvoo Temple

LBC standing in front of one of the oxen teams in Nauvoo. He was busy asking his dad how he could make and raise an ox of his own! LOL last time we went to Nauvoo, Landon also wanted to have an ox, and he started carving his own yoke for his oxen.

LBC, and a couple of other little boys, (who came to visit Nauvoo from Georgia)making a rope at the Family Living Center in Nauvoo. Here they teach you how to card and spin wool, how to make bread in a Bustle oven using potato water yeast, how to dip tallow candles, how to weave rugs, how to make rope, and.......there were a couple more I can't remember......(I really could hide my own Easter eggs... I never remember ) Both LBC and the other boys got to take ropes home with them. Oh, the art of being a cooper, or barrel making was another one.

This is the sink they use at the bread making station. Very modern, made to look oldish. I loved it, so I had to snap a picture.

We had to stop and have a picture here, because we go to school and church in Altamont Utah. This is Altamont Mo. Our Altamont is only slightly more populated than this one.

These Giants were a familiar site along the way. I loved seeing them.

I'm so grateful for my heritage, for these pioneers who left native homelands and followed thier faith to a new life. They left a Legacy for us to follow. I felt very humbled, walking where they had walked.


Lastly, The best news of all......we are getting a new grandbaby in december♥

:-) Lewaina


Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

What a trip that was - you covered a lot of states there and saw some wonderful sites - and a lot of history. There is nothing like a road trip through this great country!! I am glad you missed the tornadoes though, SCARY!

So glad the cast comes off soon. I am sure it will take a bit to get back to nornmal even so.

Thank you so much for the shout out. All progress has halted so that little girl is taking her sweet time. I think she knows the whole blogging world is waiting for her too! LOL

Good to see you home and posting! You were missed!

hugs, Linda

Parkers said...

How cool is that! One day I will go and visit.
I think that long slim thing is a paddle, which in the old days they spanked their kids with. LOL!

Jo-Anne said...

What a fantastic trip!!! It looks like it was so much fun. Lots of COOL things to see and do!!!!

Mimi Sue said...

I so want to make that trip. We are thinking of going in the fall. Did you stay in Motels? How long did it take you? Looks like you had a great time. Glad you're doing better. Where are they getting married in California? Mimi

Beth at Aunties said...

I am so glad you got to visit and see all these incredible places. We also have so much family history and am so grateful for our ancestors and all they went through for us and the gospel sake.
I am thrilled you will soon have your cast off and pray all has healed well!

Jeanne Evans said...

Altamont has a population of 218...that's funny!!!

Jeanne Evans said...

Funny...but not surprising either!

Gayle said...

I can't believe you could take a trip like that with the YM! Ours have never done anything so spectacular! The long skinny thing on the table in your picture is a scrub board (wash board). I've been trying to find one exactly like that for my laundry room for AGES!