Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quilt Shop Hop

My cast came off Thursday! (boy was I naive about what that would be like…..)
But it’s all good.


Lexie and the roses. Umm, they smelled heavenly. At a home next to Quilts Etc. in Sandy

(cousins daughter)

My DD and I went out to Salt Lake for the quilters Shop Hop. My cousin comes down every year from Spokane WA. to go and we met up with her and her daughters. I had never been before, so this was a first for me. We had a good time, lots of “girl talk”. (I've heard that referred to as an estrogen rush, or ER, so there ya go!) LOL There were 15 quilt shops that participated along the Wasatch front, between Logan, Brigham City, Tooele, Salt lake area, Lehi, Orem, and Springville. They were each assigned a quilt block, and they were to theme their store to the block they had been assigned. For example, the toy store block ….the Corn Basket in Springville had filled their quilt store with antique toys in every nook and cranny, they had clowns, and a Christmas tree with toys all around it, they gave you cracker jacks, and were playing lots of give away games. (stand on a number; get a prize type of thing) You were given the quilt block that the store represented, and your shop hop card was stamped. You also got to enter for free prizes in each store, and when you were all done and your card was full of stamps, you got the last block, which was the quilt shop block, and then you card went in a drawing for a nice new fancy sewing machine! Don’t know if any of us have won or not yet. Last year my cousin’s daughters both won prizes from different stores. Nice prizes over a hundred dollars worth of fabric and quilting supplies. Each store serves some kind of refreshment, going alone with their block theme, and lots of them gave you some sort of a small prize. 12 and up is the age limit, and the little kids under 12 receive a free square of fabric. My cousin’s daughter’s can all sew and embroidery. The oldest is 20, and the next is 12, and they are both quilt makers. Yes, even the 12 year old is a pro…… her youngest daughter is 7, and she was excited to have her little squares of quilt fabric.
We all came home to our house Sat. night, tired. They stayed here until Sunday night, and then it was back to SLC for them. Sigh. Too short of a visit….. Spokane WA. is too far away from me. LOL. I didn’t get pictures of all 15 quilts on my camera, but you can see how they are each so very different from one another. My DD is going to make her quilt using Americana colors, and she is planning on making it smaller, for a wall hanging in her kitchen. Do you quilt “shop hop” in your areas as well?


This last one was my of my favs. It was done by the Corn Basket quilt shop in Springville. I saw sooooo many beautiful quilts and I wanted to buy fabric kits to make everyone I loved! But my better sense prevailed. I kept telling myself......wedding, wedding wedding......LOL Hope everyone is well. I'm off to plant some flowers in my planter boxes. :-) ♥


Amaree Chloee said...

That is awesome! How do you find out about it? Is there a website with the information about the stores and where to go?

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Now that looks like fun. There are very few quilt shops in this area at all. None are anything like what I see in blogland that is for sure.

I never heard the phrase Estrogen Rush but it sure does explain it. I havve come home from time spent with gglas and felt all hyped up - ow I know why!

So glad all is good with the cast off!

hugs, Linda

Lex-a-roo said...

Wow... that is pretty impressive. It's a very interesting art. Best of luck with your quilt making... I hope to see it when I come to Utah this Christmas.

Mimi Sue said...

Dang. Wish I'd been able to go. So fun. Loved all the quilts. They were all so different and alike at the same time. Mimi

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Never heard of a Quilt Hop but it sure looked like alot of fun...the quilts are beautiful!!!

Beth at Aunties said...


I am thrilled your cast is off! The hop is a lot of fun and I have only been to one by crashing it by accident at Gardner Village one year when buying fabric! ;) The quilts are fantastic. I have another friend Brenda from Yuma who came to Utah for it.
Your roses are beauitful! Would you mind if I email you? c.annie77 at msn dot com.

Hugs this day and congratulations! I hope you get full motion soon!

Brenda said...

Hi Lewaina!

Cheers to the SHOP HOP! Yes, it was great fun and I loved the quilt from Corn Wagon Quilts in Springville. My sisters and I loved their theme! They were all so nice with prizes, games, good food and fun! Yes, we might have seen each other!(LOL)
Have a Happy Day!

Parkers said...

I liked them all as well....how neat!