Sunday, January 22, 2012

We have snow at last.
They who love it wish for more, they who don't (mostly me) are also wishing for more.
We need it for up coming crops.
It's been so nice and warm that I have been loving the very balmy-ness of our January!
Well, with the exception of worrying about a drouth...
We all have been watching the skies, waiting for signs of a snow flake, all the
while basking in the warmth of 50 degree weather.
Yesterday it came.
Clean, wet and fresh.
How funny, something I usually dread brought so much peace to my heart.
( the drouth issue again?...)
Maybe not.
Somehow, I felt renewed.
Which was a surprise to me.
I'm a died in the wool SNOW scrooge!
I ran outside yesterday, and by the time I was done I looked like a yeti.
I needed wipers for my skinny little eyelashes.(did you think I was going to say skinny something else?) Nada. Nonexistent.
Last night the wind blew.
Froze all that beautiful snow.
But I still feel some excitement lingering and swirling around me.
Maybe we'll get some more this coming week.
Who knows, maybe I can reckon with old man winter, and find a reason to enjoy it.
I had better not push my luck. :-)

Blessings from the Stone House

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