Tuesday, April 13, 2010

odds and ends

First I would just like to welcome all you who are new to the Stone House! I haven't been a very "with it" blogger of late......but maybe you will find a thing or two that will be helpful, interesting, or amusing, or just friendly. Welcome. Glad to have you come for a visit. Please come again! :-D

Thanks to all who follow my blog, one slim post after another. I enjoy your "bloggish" friendship!

Cute little baby and mom toes! These little feet have grown and are trying to walk everywhere. Happy 1st Birthday P-Jo! You Check Spellinghave stolen my heart!

Our book for book club this month was the #1 ladies Detective Agency. Have any of you read these books?

HBO had made a series, and it was good. The Mr. and I have enjoyed watching it.
Takes place in Botswana Africa, and it's gentle and full of humor. Very fun. If you are a fan Of JB Fletcher you will enjoy this as well.

Isn't this sky beautiful? There was a little spring snow storm just passing through this morning.

Lastly, the table. Not in good shape, but it has been my desire to rebuild the top and use it as an island in our kitchen.
This old kitchen table was here on the farm, stored out in a shed. Once, when our family was younger we pulled it out and used it. Soon we needed something sturdier, So back in the shed it went.
For shame huh?
It's been calling my name for a few years!
But as it turned out, it was too big to use in my kitchen which frustrated me because I didn't want to put it back in the shed. I wanted to use it.
It ended up in the living room, and we're leaving it's top just like it is. I did repaint the legs, which are not as shiny as they look, but maybe I need to take the steel wool to them again.
The tool box under the table, was really a tool box. I emptied all the tools out of it and gave it a paint and prim job. I used my cricut and made a stencil, painted an under coat, an over coat, sanded it an stained it.

Have any of you tried to drill a hole in a enamel ware bowl? I am thinking about turning one into a bathroom sink.......

Hope everyone is doing well. I have strep.......never had it that I know of, my oh my I have not felt well. Went to the Doc. today and had a shot. The teen had it last week..... and once when he was lying down , moaning and groaning, I told him "moaning and groaning would not make him feel any better". Well, if those words didn't come home to haunt me! LOL :-D

Carpe diem.......Seize The Day


Mimi Sue said...

Love your table! Those little wheels on the legs are so cute. We had a little snow here last night. Melted fast though. We've been trying to get into the backyard and do some work before it gets too hot. Pray that we get a long spring! Mimi

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Hello, my friend!
You have some projects going on. I love the table a lot!
Happy reading to you and thank you for your visit!
Have a great day and come back soon.
Gros bisous

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

OH I hope you get to feeling better really soon..cause I know you are a busy lady..love the table and love those polk-a-dot toes..love em..;) have a great rest of your week..

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Great post....I don't care if someone posts just 2 lines...I like seeing them and commenting so doesn't matter how little or how much one posts....GOOD TO SEE YOU HERE TODAY!!!!

Your table is great. I have an old one I don't want to get rid of either and it's in my family room doing its thing...just sitting around looking pretty! Yours is too....

Hugs, Karen

Parkers said...

You have a cricut? What? I thought all your letter jobs were painted. HA HA HA! I thought you had to be the best painter ever (which you indeed may still be). Well who knew. Love the table. I have watched some of the #1 Ladies detective on HBO, liked them, didn't know they were books though. Hope you feel better.

Beth at Aunties said...

I am so sorry you are not feeling well. Strep can be horrid. My fevers usually are 103 and up with it. Moan and groan all you want...sometimes it does help.!!!LOL
It is amazing little P-Jo is walking! Her sweet toes were so cute.
The table has a lot of history . I always wished they w-could talk and entertain us about the guests which have sat at them! I am glad she is out of the shed again and looking great!
I too have been really a sluggish blogger. My computer is still not working right (not letting me add pictures now)and my heart has seemed to be in mourning for so many loved ones. It seems real life is happening too fast and blogs haven't been a high priority. My bil is fighting for his life with stage 4 renal lung cancer and has been in the hospital this week. His only kidney is failing. He is 3 months older than me.
I was so happy to see you back though. I think about you and I have been grateful for your good heart and help.
Niki has a new blog (I'll get you the address)and I have had her read the cancer caringbridge posts my friend has written about the last days of her husband's life and since. He passed just over 2 weeks ago. HF is in charge and I see HIS hand and influence everywhere. I know she needs friends:)
Get better and thanks for a great post!

Caralee, Eric and Lilli said...

I hope you feel better soon! I've had strep just once (knock on wood) and I hope to never have it again. Saw a great picture of your family on D&L's blog, I sure miss you all. Hope it isn't too long before I can see you all again. Love Caralee

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh...strep...that's no fun. I hope you're getting a little better every day.
Looooove those adorable little toes! And the Family Photo below, was just awesome! : )