Monday, April 5, 2010

Hair cuts and Eastering

The Ewes got their long over due new "do's". Don't they look cold now? Not to mention lopsided, or big headed or something like that! But it has to feel better to them at any rate. It was fun to watch it happen. I got a kick out of the hanging wool bag. It was probably 8 feet tall. Jr took turns with another boy his age, hauling the wool up the ladder, and then getting to be the boy inside the bag, stomping the wool down. I took my camera so that I could capture it in living color, but alas, the batteries were dead! Bummer deal. I was too far away from any kind of a store , so no living color pictures for my post! One guy had some Jacob Sheep, oooohh, I was in love with them! The Mr. wasn't. They had too many horns! :-D

We had our family Easter picnic on Friday this year.
The Mr and I and Jr were going out of town to the city for conference all week end.
We have NEVER left home for Easter before in 31 years! For real! I don't remember one time we have not spent this day with our family and friends, here on the farm, following tradition.
Friday was somewhat cold and windy, but we persevered anyway. We ate like kings, feasting on steak, brats, hot links, hot dogs, all roasted over the fire, salads, chips, drinks and even chocolate dipped strawberries. All of us were there! That was the BEST blessing a mom could ask for!
Now, before you ask "what in the world are they dressed like that for?" remember our family loves 18th century re-enactments. Hence the 18th century longhunter attire. Our sons take every opportunity to wear their clothing, so that it becomes a part of them... for a "believable persona" an for the most part, they made what they are hand!
....................anyway, here are #1 and #2 sons, skipping along the bunny trail at least for the photo. The little goof balls.

I love this picture of the dad's holding their baby girls. Paislee has been eating chocolate strawberries. Yummy! Wish we could see Evies little face better.

I know it's trite, but it's true...All because 2 people fell in love!
I am amazed when I see us altogether, that there are so many of us! 31 years ago there was just 2 of us. We had a couple of extras in the picture, our DIL's cousin and an exchange student from Germany. They are standing by JR who is in the red hoodie....with the bubble yum bubble hiding his cute face. We enjoyed their company and hopefully they weren't too overwhelmed by our strangeness! LOL
Not the best picture in the world, but this is us, having a good time together. Well OK, the picture taking almost killed off a few of them......kill joys that they are! LOL
I'm glad they all humored me, and stood still for some pictures! :-D

I saved up all the banty eggs so I could boil an hide them for the kids. I don't think there were as impressed by them as I was! :-D I thought they were so cute all brown and small. That little 4 yr old smile is pretty cute as well.

This is a tree that was in Salt Lake, I have no clue what it is, but it is so beautiful. My Mom talks about Tulip trees in NC, and I wondered if this could be one? Does anyone know? It was a treat to see it. We don't have anything like this here at home.

And lastly, this is what we woke up to Easter morning in the city. But it soon melted away. The mountains were pretty with their blanket of fresh snow.

Hope Everyone had a wonderful Easter.
I'm very grateful to the Savior for the beautiful gift of the Atonement.
I know that my Redeemer Lives!
Carpe diem.......Seize The Day


Mimi Sue said...

Looks like a fun family Easter gathering. We so enjoyed conference this year. My California daughter came for a visit and brought tickets. She and her husband went to the Sat AM session and then my husband and hers went to the Priesthood session. So great. I think that is called a tulip tree. But it's really a form of magnolia I think. There's a bunch of them in our neighborhood and I want to plant one in our backyard. Tonight we've already got about 10 inches of snow on the valley floor. Hope you don't get snowed in! Mimi

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey there Mercy, you look like you had a wonderful Easter judging from the the "period" clothing too.and love those freshly shorn (hope I got that right) sheep..and those wee little ones..;) now I know why you have been busy..I have the conference on my DVR...will be watching it throughout the week..:) have a wonderful week.;)

Julie Harward said...

Those sheep do look cold! What a fun family gathering, it looks kind of cold too...tons of people come down seeking a warm place to camp but it was cold here too. I loved every minute of conf. too what a strong spirit filled the whole weekend. Have missed you here lately! :D

Lex-a-roo said...

I loved seeing that cute picture of all your family all together. I love your family so much, I miss them, it makes me homesick to read your blog sometimes. But I still Love it.

Parkers said...

I mostly take a good picture, don't I?

Cowboy mom said...

Nothin' better then family!!

Beth at Aunties said...

It looks just like our magnolia 'bush'. It looks like your Easter was extra special and I agree conference was so wonderful. I keep listening to it, now our home has settled down. We had 18 of our children and grands here for dinner between Sunday conferences.