Friday, January 29, 2010

Fridays on the Farm

Today I want to introduce you to the "ladies". Peeps, this is Lavern, Lavern, meet the peeps! She is one of a pair of Belgian draft horses that make up a team. Some years ago our two oldest sons worked during the summer for a friend of ours, and for their pay he took them to Indiana, to an Amish horse and buggy sale and bought them this team. The "ladies" were just babies at that time, and it was the job and delight of our sons, to break them and teach them how to become a team that would actually pull a wagon. Here is the other lady, Shirley. She had been out to water and was across the pasture so you can't see her very good. Their real names are Birdy and Purdy. But I had the darnedest time keeping them straight, and so our #1 daughter suggested Lavern and Shirley, which worked for me. Lavern is taller and a bit more head strong in the harness, while Shirley is shorter and pulls better. Out in the field however, it's Lavern that is more people friendly, and Shirl is somewhat offish with folks. Both are truly gentle giants tough. Not a mean bone in their bodies. It's unbelievable how much strength they have. It's a little bit scary I think, sitting up and a wagon behind them after they haven't been in the harnesses for a while.

Winter time on the farm in the 60's. The Mr. and his two brothers. Oldest brother Errol in the middle, youngest brother Allen on the left and the Mr. wearing some kind of face mask, on the right. They are west of the granary.

Must be cold. I just keep looking at that that hay and thinking about the other stack yards that were there on the farm at that time, and that it was all hauled and stacked by hand in those days. And these boys, were the guys who helped their dad do it! Lots of work.
This picture has their dad in it. I think the Mr. is the photographer.
(FIL) the Mr. and his younger brother Allen. This younger brother died in May of 2000.

The snow today, in almost the same spot as the last picture. Looks like more than I thought we had.

When I came to live on the farm in 1979, everything was a treasure to me! I started right them dragging in old things and using them. My FIL used to laugh at me good naturedly. An older woman in our area once asked "what's with all these young girls these days? Everything we threw out the door and replaced with new modern things, they're bringing back in". And it was true. We do have an old wood burning cook stove that is out in a shed, that is coming inside after the remodel. I am trying VERY hard to convince the Mr. that it will need a chimney!
As you can see, it needs some fixing and scrubbing.........:-D I am looking forward to it being in my family room area.
(there really is a stove under there LOL)

It's a slower time on the farm in during the winter months. The Mr. is working on making the small bedroom under the stairs into an office. He is building a wall of bookcases. When that is done we can start on the rest of the remodel plans. (pictures for another post)
Wish me luck with the chimney! LOL

Have a fun week-end!
Carpe diem.......Seize The Day


Parkers said...

Am painting my kitchen and wish you were here! I love your friday blog the most. I am learning A LOT of new stuff. Love ya

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh I hope you get your chimney..cause I want to see that stove all done up in your home..;) love the horses...have a wonderful weekend.:)

rockvilledalia said...

I love reading your blog!

Ruth said...

Aunt Lewaina,
Thanks for sharing the pictures. It is fun to see pictures of how things were when my mom would have been younger. Do you guys have many pictures with my mom in them?

Mimi Sue said...

Just seeing all that stacked hay made me tired! My aunt and uncle had a big cattle ranch in northern Calif. My cousins would all go to help with the haying. HARD work! By the end of summer they were ready to play football with their big muscles. Love the old pictures. We're finally getting a little melted snow down here in the valley. I can see half of my front long for the first time since November. Mimi

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh how beautiful it is where you live but very cold I would imagine. So peaceful looking and your horses are really pretty. Your daughter did good picking out there names.
Thanks for always leaving me such sweet comments. I always love hearing from you
I thought everyone that lived in the country had a cat...hahahaha because I never ever had one till I moved to the farm house

Julie Harward said...


marie said...

I love the old black & white photos with the shadows in them! And what great (second) names for the horses. Does Lavern have an L on her sweater?!