Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hangin with my "peeps"

I am always amazed when the mother hen chirps the little ones just come running!
They know her cluck, they listen and they follow.

Blessings from the Stone House

Friday, July 29, 2011


Have I told anyone that I LOVE Summer?
If not, I do. I love Summer!
I LOVE the way summer nights smell! I love the smell of newly cut hay, the sound of the frogs and crickets in the night. The sound of the morning doves. The covey of quail that scatters across the road as I drive by. I  Mummm, I do enjoy summer! :-)

We are not , here in the Eastern part of our state, the recipient of much rain in the summer. Sometimes we don't even get enough.
This summer however, we have had rain, and then some more rain, and then it will rain again.  Last Tuesday evening, we had  hail, wind and heavy rains that brought flash floods. These pictures were taken around the lane where we live the morning after the rain. This is my first time seeing the effects of a flash flood in person.  This is our neighbors front lawn.
                                                       Same neighbors, side yard.
                                             Water just cascaded from the ledges

I had gone to the show with my Mom and Sister, and when we came home, there was water everywhere, along with logs, rocks, silt and other stuffs. Huge rocks that had to be moved in order for cars to drive by. It's amazing and a little bit scary to me that just a few minutes of rain could put down so much water, and that also in just a matter of minutes, it could turn into a furiously fast river where there was no river bed to carry it away!

 NOT a normal sight to see after  rain

Our daughter who served a mission in Oklahoma, said we had a wall cloud and thought we were having a tornado. The hail and winds were pretty violent. Some of our garden is gone, the cucumbers took the worst hit.

In our small town, the week of July 24th, we celebrate our Pioneer ancestors by having what we call Long Horn Days.
 Saturday started off with a 5K run, which my DIL ran with her mom and her sister and her sisters friend. ( I was too big of a wimp to do one yet...)
 It was fun to see them run tho. They're pretty fast!

Then we had a parade. It goes down  main street once, then turns around and goes back! We love it. They throw candy galore so the kids all love it too.

These are our oldest Grandsons, the twiners, along with their cousin and their other grandpa riding unicycles. I was so proud of them. They are getting pretty good.

 There was a play, The Crazy Quilt Club. Our daughter played the part of the"bad guy", only she was an old lady....It was a comedy.

Three of my other kids were in the pre-show.

                                                    Sweet faces of two of our granddaughters.

                         NOW, I have to show you my wonderful gift from my sweetheart of a niece.
I still don't know what I ever did to merit this gift, but I LOVE them!  ( so much that I had to do a little photo shoot with these beauties,  and my feet!   LOL)

                                                                   Are they not amazing?

                                                             Soft, Washable, Wool!

Two years. Two years is all she has been knitting!
I think I'll leave them on my living room table for everyone to see when they come to my house! :-)
OR, I could wear them over my shoulders so that everyone could see AND feel how soft they are! LOL

Won't they look cute with my Birkenstocks?

I just think they're beautiful!
Thank you again dear Shauna

Enjoy your weekend!
 Be Safe!
Blessings from the Stone House

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You know that feeling you get after you ride the wild mouse ride at Lagoon?

When you get off you're laughing and shaking at the same time? And it felt like it was a way fast ride, but it was a fun even tho it was a bit scary while it lasted?
Well, these months have just zoomed by like a fast ride. But I've had a good time riding!

 I haven't even looked at blogs for so long. I meant too but..................................

We took the camper out over Easter weekend, it was so cold and our SIL got sick and scared us all.
He ended up in the ER, and then again a week later. They told him he has Asthma. Scary .  He also graduated this spring with his Masters!!! Way to go B !

That last month of school zipped by....which didn't break my heart at all!

 We had a wonderful, awesome trek. Oh my goodness! Words can not even describe my experience there at 6th crossing and Martins Cove and Rock creek Hollow. I learned some things about myself on trek this time.

Girls camp was a BLAST!!! I came home so stinkin tired that I had to nap for two days straight!
I have no pictures of either event. Sigh.

We sold all of our cows.  Seems a bit strange, but we felt it was time. We are just selling hay, so we still have wheel lines to move and hay to do, but first crop is done for this year!
We did end up buying a truck. A Ford 4 door king ranch.  We all pretty much love it.

 Jim Bob (nick name for our teen) and his cousin  (BFF) ( oh wait, is that a term that's applicable to guys?) and their friend, each bleached their hair. Hum. I decide that yes, Jim Bob could do it, but would he please wait until after I was home from camp so I could do it for him.
 They couldn't wait.
 It was a laughable mess really.
They bought 1, (one)  box of frost from the grocery store....., and split it on three heads!
 Um hum. At least they listened to me when I had told them to put plastic bags over their heads to keep the heat in. Jim Bob had orange hair. Well, in spots. He had to wear it to church like that because it was way to late to go back into town after more frost. I did cut it ,so it was pretty short which helped a bunch.
The next time I helped him and he all got it all lightened.  Some of the phases my boys have gone through. :-)

(sorry Mom...she would NOT be pleased to have any part of her,  out there...)

 I'm still walking and everyday I work at running too. I am STILL not any kind of a runner, but our Angie wants us all to run the Ragnar! Which is a 12 member teem relay run from Logan Ut to Park City Utah, a run of 195 miles. WHAT is she thinking??? We can't get in for 2012 because they are full already,  so we are trying for 2013.
I'll be two years older! AHHHHHH! I don't know if I can do it. Can you tell I'm full of doubt?  Angie is way sure we can all learn to run and do it! HA! But if we don't try, we'll never know huh! LOL

All of my daughters/DIL's daughters and I went  to Provo area for a  girls get away of thrift shopping and fun together. We had a good time and found some fun treasures, and played some silly games and just laughted a bunch.

I had another Birthday and the Mr asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate and I told him I wanted to do a session at the Nauvoo Temple. We really didn't have the right time scale to drive to Ill, so we went to Manti instead. My parents were married there. It is such a beautiful Temple.

Our lakes and reservoirs are completely full this year, In fact, the Upper Still Water has tripped. It is flowing over the dam itself. It something to see. ( my pics are NOT good ones....)

We had a ward camp out, and our  twiner grandsons caught themselves a little critter......

Oh cute!
Well that cute little Chip, or Dale, bit that cute little finger that was holding him! Lesson learned.
Wild things are wild....and they bite to get free!
(only I think the lesson they would say they learned, was Next time,  to hold on behind the head tighter) LOL
The finger is OK, and the twin is full of stories AND, he has a wound to show off.
(that's important ya know)


How is the summer going in your neck of the woods?

Blessings from the Stone House