Saturday, June 12, 2010

bloomin' desert!

We went out on the desert with our friends Deb and Alan to get a bloomin' view!

Yucca bloom held open

beautiful globe mallow

Deb and I, and miles of glorious mallow!

Deb, Alan and the Mr.

It was so very beautiful, and the smell......ummmm hummmm.........

was sweet and pungent! It only lasts a couple of weeks and then the blooms fade away, and it doesn't always bloom like this, only every few years, so it was a treat to behold .

We ended our day down at Sand Wash boat launch on the Green river. A place I had heard tons about but had never been too. I'll share pictures of that on another post......

Well, I have been to Young Women's camp and back. I not only survived our extra over night backpack trip up the mountain with my backpack, but I LOVED it! It was a BUSY week at camp. Didn't get lots of sleep, ate good food, ran hither and yon, all up hill.....both directions! LOL Made some dear friends, and totally had my well filled to over flowing!

We are having a BBQ with our kids tonight.......goat cooked on a rotisserie .
No typo, really is a goat. All fat and grain fed. Wanna come?
For the week in heart, or stomach, there will be hamburgers and hot dogs......bring a pot luck salad or dessert OK?

Thank you all for your sweet and tender emails. My heart was very touched. Hard times made better by your love and concern.

Carpe diem.......Seize The Day