Saturday, February 28, 2009

Look what came in the mail yesterday!

Here are the beautiful lights I won from Char's giveaway. Orange Clove! Ummmm, They smell so wonderful! I feel so lucky! Thanks again and again Char!
You should go visit her at her blog, The Pickled Pepper Patch. It's a fun place.
Have a great week end everyone.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Catch Up.......

I've had a cold. Ugggg. This, however is the first one I've had for months on end. So I can't complain. I finished up a few things I was working on and want to share them with you.
This is my little green box from the TS. It will go in my bathroom after the remodel.

I had a bowl that I had picked up last summer, and I had painted it blue. I was very lazy, and I had painted it without sanding it. It rubbed right off. So we sanded it and repainted it. The bowl and the box are the same color-- They are the color of the bowl. The box in the picture didn't show up correctly. I used Acrylic paint, the color was Goose Feathers, and then I stained it with Minwax wood finish, Red Mahogany 225. These were just colors I already had. I loved the way they turned out. I wanted to repaint everything that color! :-)

These are all TS glasses and they are just our "everyday" glasses. I love them.

I wanted to share with you, a little needle keeper.

My daughter in law had made herself one and I loved it! She is always making the neatest things! One of these days I'll get the widget on my side bar to download a pattern or two, but in the mean time, here's all you need to make a needle keeper for you embroidery box or bag.

Outside fabric

Contrasting inside fabric

Bonded batting

Shank button

Needle and thread

Cut your fabrics and batt 6 1/2" X 3 1/2"For button loop, cut on the bias 1" X 51/2" of inside fabric

Sew button loop first. Hand press loop, you can see in the picture that I pressed each side in towards the center, and then I pressed both sides to the center, making a very narrow loop.
Slip stitch loop closed with needle and thread. (I can't seem to sew this part on the machine and get it to look like I want to. If you can do it on the machine, go for it.) Next, with right sides together, the loop pinned in place between the outside and inside fabrics, pin all fabrics to the top of the batting and sew 1/4" seam all around, leaving a 3" opening for turning.

Turn you work making sure to pull out your corners.

Finger press again, and sew down the center of your keeper. This will be your fold. Sew button on the outside, making sure to sew through only the top fabric and some of the batt. Do not catch the inside fabric at all. These were so fun that I made another one and then another one and another one and another one........LOL. I instantly put mine to use! They are a fun fast easy useful little gift for anyone who does hand sewing.

Here are the promised pictures of the "view". This is what the Basin looks like this February. This is looking west from the yard, where only this morning a couple of big big coyotes ran past and across this Field towards the creek.

This is looking southwest, over the mountains and Indian canyon, is Price.

This is the Notita, the sleeping Indian Lady. Rock creek lies at her feet. (Upper Stillwater) These last two pictures were taken about 13 miles north of our home. More snow here.

This is a view, looking North towards Mt. Emmons. This is where we take our horses and pack in when we go "up high" on pack trips. Over these mountains lies Wyoming.

We live surrounded by mountains on all sides. Hence the "Basin". The Great Uintas are beautiful Mountains . While I have been sewing or painting or folding that endless mountain of clean clothes, or vegging, I have been watching some of these.......

These ladies are my Favorite!!! If you haven't seen them go see if your library has them, pop you up some corn and indulge!

Here is a sneak peek of what I'm working on now.

Thanks for staying with me through this very long winded post this morning! Hope to see a needle keeper or two..............Lewaina

Friday, February 20, 2009

WOW what a busy week this has been! Why? I'm not sure. Nor am I sure where the days flew to.......But fly they have. LOL There are some of you who have been buried in snow again. Lots of it. Here in the Basin, we are warming up. We will start calving next month, and hope for warmer weather. Sometimes it's so freezing cold that we have to really worry about our new calves. In a couple of weeks my DH will be going back to 4 10 hr days. The hours are hard to get used to for him. I love them. Well, I love him having Fridays off! It takes some getting used to at first, but then it's not so bad. I have had my fingers in several pies and have some things I wanted to post about, but never did get all my ducks in a row. LOL In a while, we are going to a wedding, and I am hoping to get some pictures of the view along the way there and home, then I can show you what it looks like here in the Basin this week. I had the chance to go to DI the other day....and of course I didn't turn it down, and these are the treasures I found there.

Not a treasure?........ But I have been looking for a round frame for awhile. I'll paint the frame and toss the rest. Lol

This is a 100% linen shirt. It will become a pre-1840 ladies cap to be worn at Rendezvous the end of summer. But the paddle was a real treasure!

I like this little box. I think It should be painted.

These are the kind of glasses we use for everyday around here! I love them. I have been lucky enough to find then from time to time in either green or amber. They are nice and heavy, and match all of my old Syracuse ,Shenango, Homer Lauglin and Iroquois China that are my druthers for everyday use.

Have a great Week-end Everyone! Hope you are enjoying the beautiful sunshine!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cold Beauty!

GOOOOD Morning! Today we woke up to new snow. Not a huge amount, just a dusting, but everything looks so pretty after a new snow. My brother in law Jade sent me some photo's he took from a day trip last week, and they were so beautiful that I decided to share them with you today. My sister works in Island Park Idaho. She is professional cook....(no, I didn't get the gene...LOL) Anyway, they took their sleds out for a day run and this is what they saw.........

Is That Not Beautiful?

These next few are at Mesa Falls

Meet my sister, Anne

This last one is a track of a huge black wolf......

Now, I don't know about you, but that puts no small amount of fear in a person.....

We have no snow compared to this, and to me, the non snow lover, this looks so inviting! It is Beautiful!!! ( except for the wolf....) (did I mention before that I am a coward?) So , what do you think?

Have a great day! ♥ Lewaina

Friday, February 13, 2009

These are the hands that hold my whole world together.
Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Hope you get to do something with and for those you love♥♥♥ Have a great week-end! Be safe. Lewaina

Thursday, February 12, 2009

WaHooooooo! I WON!

WOW, I am one very excited woman today!!!!! I am one of 4 lucky winners on Char's blog give away today! WaHoo!!! I can not believe it! I have won a strand of Char's famous silicone lights!!! Wa Hoo!!! :-) Thank you so much Char!!! I'm so Amazed! (OK, you know on the "price is right" how the women come running down the isle making total fools of themselves, and saying slobbery things to the host? And you know how I always say how dumb is that? Well, here I am today in my pj's, with my hair standing on end, sitting at my computer feeling just how those women must feel.......yeah, but I'm so calm and collected and acting very mature.........LOL) Wa Hooooo!!! Wa Hoo! WaHoo!! Go visit Char on her blog, she has the most awesome Prim ideas, patterns, tips, tutorials and GIVE AWAYS ever! The Pickled Pepper Patch! I'm so Jazzed! ( Nope, you would NEVER catch me acting like that.)
♥ Lewaina

Monday, February 9, 2009

Good morning to all of you on this slightly snowy Monday! We spent most of the week end out in the city, visiting our oldest son and his family. We had a good visit, too short, but we had a good time. On the way home we made a fast stop. We were a little worried about the weather, as we had come out in a storm. My DH went to check out some pack saddles, Little Big Chief went to view the guns, and me, I went for a pound of Fudge....

There are so many flavors to choose from! LOL Here we have Orange Cream, Cow Drool, Some kind of Delight, and a peanut butter one I love but can't remember the name of. Yummy yummy! They also have a pretty good selection of Sugar free fudges and candies as well.

Sorry............. I didn't get a photo of the pack saddle. LOL
Today it's back to the grist mill for me. Truly it looks like someone had a wild party here at my house! But it was only a house full of grown children and a few little ones thrown in the mix on a Sunday afternoon.
I 'm playing along with Linda over to Behind My Red Door, 10 Things I love. My assigned letter is M. So, here goes..........

1..MILK- I love milk. It is by far my favorite beverage to drink. Everything tastes better with a glass of cold milk! I've been know to almost stagger to the fridge in the morning, in desperate want of a glass or two or three of milk. LOL
2. MAPS. I love to read maps. I love to look at maps. I have maps hanging in my house. They fascinate me. I love to open them up, smooth them out, trace my fingers along the roads and rivers. I Look for airports, and lakes, and find out the populace of small unknown places, and how to get there. :-)

3. MOON LIGHT. There is something so pleasant about moon light isn't there? I love to be out side on a moonlight night. Where we live, there aren't many other lights around, and so the nighttime sky is so visible and open for gazing. Moon light cast a creamy glow over everything. No matter which season we are in, I love the moon light.

4. MOVIES. I am a Movie lover. I enjoy watching Chick Flicks, Adventures, Mysteries, Westerns, Musicals, and even Drama. As long as it's clean in both language and morality, and it has a OK, I think I have to add a disclaimer in at this point, because I like spoofs and satire too. And I must admit, though it will shock some of you, that I like Napoleon Dynamite. Why? I'm not sure other than maybe..... it's because the teenage years are so awkward and he's OK with his totally awkward self....Yeah I know, I'm grasping for straws here. I just like it. In all it's dumbness and everything. When I was little I wanted to be Cat Balou. I love She's The Man, but on the other hand I love Winterpeople and Hamlet. I love Christmas Movies and start watching them as soon as Halloween is past...LOL. I'm not however, a fan of Animation. There are a few I like, but for the most part I prefer to watch people.

5. Having MAMMOGRAMS..... JK!!!

5. MATERIAL. I'm talking about the kind you sew on! Can you ever have enough?

6. MUSIC. I can't imagine life without it. Can You? My family always sang in the car whenever we went very far. My mom had an old spiral notebook filled with handwritten songs. Just the words. She played the piano by ear and she would sit down, open up her notebook and play and sing, song after song. Her fingers moving up and down the key board of that old up right! There is nothing that can compare to music. It can set a mood or bring the Spirit faster than any else.

7. MOM. I am so very blessed to have my mom living just down the lane from us. My dad is gone, and my DH parents are gone as well. I'm so glad mom is healthy, and alive! I can not even express my feeling and love for her and do them justice. I am so many things today, because she showed the way yesterday. Does that make sense? Mom made holidays and family traditions "magical". I always loved being Home. I love you Mom!
8. MEN. I love the Men in my life. My Dad, My Husband, his Dad, my Sons, my Sons in law, my 5 little men Grandsons! What kind of world would women have without men? (OK, maybe less dirt and food But seriously, it would be a sad day for me if there were no men in my world. They are steady, they provide many things, and not just temporally. They support, they comfort, they bring love and kindness. And sometimes they pick up the pieces and put them all back together again. They protect, and add humor and love. They hold the Priesthood. They pray. They bless my life. I am thankful for my Heavenly Father, and his Son, Jesus Christ. My Savior.
Where would I be with out the men in my life?

9. MODERN MEDICINE. This one is self explanatory. My DH is an 18 year cancer survivor. I have a son with Type 1 diabetes, not to mention a plethora of other breaks, illnesses, scopes, surgeries, and other common aliments that besiege families everywhere. I'm so grateful for the medicines we have today, from the simple antibiotics to the more complex. I'm grateful for Medical knowledge . Wow. Some of us would not be here with out it!!!

10. MIRACLES. Need I say more? They do exist. They are real.

So there are 10 of the things I love that Start with letter "M". What are some of your "M"loves? ♥♥♥

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday

Today is my DH’s birthday. He’s 51 and proud of it!!! Silly man. I made him pancakes, served them up with a candle, Little Big Chief and I sang, ( I guess you could call what he did singing…) He blew, and off to work he went. Today is IFA Days (Inter mountain Farmers Association) and we are going there for a steak lunch and some good sales. His choice. I’m so grateful for my husband. He is a good man, and sometimes I wonder how in the world a girl from south eastern Idaho ended up meeting a guy from eastern Utah. I kind of stumbled into a good thing I think. I knew it then, and I know it even more today after almost 30 years. WOW, what a ride we have been having! The views we have seen together, the laughter and tears we have shared. I can’t help but think of his parents on this day. They are both gone now, but I’m grateful to them for the son they raised and gave over to me as a young man ready to take on the world. He is a dyed in the wool true blue cowboy. Boots hat, duster and spurs. Oh yeah, a horse or two, or three or four or five, or six get the picture. he loves food, anything, well, he really doesn't care for french toast. On the other hand, he loves oysters in the half shell, Rocky Mountain Oysters, heart, liver and onions, and runny eggs. Go figure that out. Who in their right mind would eat runny eggs or rocky mountain oysters and not even like french toast? LOL His favorite color is sky blue. He loves dogs and is a pack rat. He's kind and very tenderhearted. He is the most incredible father ever. He is a workaholic, and a die hard farmer. Professionally he is a journeyman lineman, on the side, (don't kid yourselves) he is a farmer/rancher, and he is serving as Bishop of our ward (i.e. lay ministry, ward is like a parish)

Here he is at work, up a pole. ( I wonder if this is like up a creek without a paddle? For me it would be.)
Twenty Years ago on his Birthday, early on a very cold snowy morning, this is the gift I gave to him. ♥♥♥

This is Little "Roo" Otherwise know as Landon. I never have been able to top this gift! He is also a food lover, and like his dad, he eats everything including french toast, but excluding runny eggs and oysters in the half shell. He is also a workaholic and as a boy, he would rather dig post holes or pick rocks out of the field than sit in the house and read. He is also tenderhearted. He is however by far the best button pusher in the family, and can stir things up faster than anyone. He is an avid snowboarder, wake boarder, four wheel/dirt bike rider, and wrestler. He doesn't care to dance.( I think it scares him. he he he) He can ride a horse break neck speed, get thrown off and jump back on and finish his ride. Out of all six of my children, he is Mr. Clean. He has a funny sense of humor, but tends to worry about everything too much.

Scruffy Guys! Dad and Roo, climbing the key at Cedar Springs going after wood .

Three generations. Grandpa, Dad, Roo
Their hands are alike.

Wax museum Roo and John

Thanksgiving in sunny CA.
Birthday Little Roo

Monday, February 2, 2009

Here a heart there a heart.....

Here are my hearts done at last! I love to cut it out, sew it up, stuff it puffy, and coffee stain it brown. Strange huh. I love primitive stuffs. If these look a little like cookie cutters hearts, that's because they are exactly that. I use cookies to make patterns for everything. The big hearts were a freebie pattern from over to Tennessee Ridge Primitives. I didn't make them quite the same, but I like them never the less. I am playing along with Linda, from Behind my red door, and I have been assigned the letter "M" . I will be posting that later in the week. Tonight for Family Home Evening, we had our annual Ground Hogs Day Bash! This year we went to my daughters home, and each family brought a different flavored popcorn. We had chocolate, white cheddar, butter with hot tamales (my theatre combo must have), and marshmallow carmel. Before you think we are total junkies, let me add, we munched on fresh veggies and dip, and in honor of this grand day, we had artichokes. Yes, artichokes. We all love them. Boiled and then dipped in melted butter, or just mayo. Yummmmy. (yeah I know we are a twisted and strange family...popcorn and artichokes... ) We get together and watch, the infamous Ground Hogs Day. We love that dumb movie and can all quote it line for line . For the family it's a tradition that has been going on since our children were small, but for me it's the signal that yes, no matter if Punxsutawney Phil, the seer of all seers, prognosticator of all prognosticators sees his shadow, or if he does not see his shadow, there are only 6 more weeks of winter. Wa Hoo!!!! I can surly endure only 6 more weeks, that's only one month and two weeks. Then it's only one month and one week, and then it's only one month. You get the picture? I'm no fan of winter, and this time of year I'm so ready for anything that promotes Spring! I hope you all had an enjoyable Ground Hogs Day 2009, and remember, spring is only 6 short weeks away! :-)